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Unclean Spirits Special Promotion

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$3.99. Seriously, $3.99. But only for a few more week...

So if you’re wondering what I think about the strange new genre we’re all calling Urban Fantasy, your friends and mine at Pocket are saying the first one is, if not strictly free, at least seriously discounted.

Seriously, there’s a special offer on between now and November 14th that lets you pick up the ebook version of Unclean Spirits (and actually a metric assload of other fine titles) for $3.99.  Take a look.

And if you’d like to take a look at some of MLN’s short fiction, you’ve got some options too.  The most recent is the newly minted “The Difference Between a Puzzle and a Mystery” in the Down These Strange Streets anthology.  My personal favorite — Hurt Me — just came out in a couple of places.  The new mass market paperback of Songs of Love and Death and also The Year’s Best Dark fantasy & Horror 2011.

All of which makes it a great lead-up to the fourth — and IMHO best — of the Black Sun’s Daughter.  Killing Rites will be coming out in about a month.

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