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The Vampire of Kabul and other reports

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Oh, many, many cool things going on, several of which I should be doing instead of blogging, but you know how it goes, right?

The new Balfour and Meriwether short story is up at Subterranean magazine along with a very nice review of Leviathan Wakes.  I’ve just gotten the go-ahead on an article for io9 about Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that I’ve wanted to write since I first read the book decades ago.  There are book contract conversations mulling and roiling about which I can give no information yet, but it will come, it will come.  There are strange and unsubstantiated rumors about which I cannot yet comment involving strange purchases of certain volumes.  I’ve just finished an interview by my old friend Emily Mah for Black Gate which should be up sometime in the next month or so.  And I’ve been invited to be the weekend speaker at this year’s Taos Toolbox.  And my Darling Wife is testing for her next belt tomorrow.

And how’s the world been treating you?

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