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3a) How dare you do this instead of writing your own books?


Full honors for that one.

Cool news, but is that 24 issues for A GAME OF THRONES by itself or for all four published SONG OF ICE AND FIRE books (hopefully five in the near future)? I guess the former, but that suggests it taking 14+ years to do all seven books, assuming no further expansion of the books. Seems like a big project!

We talked about going shorter. We also talked about going longer. The tension is between keeping is limited enough to be possible and making it so abbreviated it's incomprehensible. At this length, there are still things I'd like to take more time for. I'd have loved to take a double-page spread for our first look at Winterfell, and the first sex scene between Dany and Khal Drogo needs a fair amount of space and to breathe in in order for it to mean what it needs to mean for the characters; make that scene fast, and it's a different scene. We could have added in two or three more pages just on that. And, and, and . . . :)

I see your problem :-)

Just received my review copies of both THE DRAGON'S PATH and LEVIATHAN WAKES from Orbit, by the way. Looking forward to getting stuck in!

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