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All the news
UK Ninja Mix
Well, not all. But some. It's been pointed out that I've been somewhat remiss in my online presence.

So, here's the state of play:

1) Price of Spring in Hardback

And by that I mean your friends and mine at Tor have decided not to put out Price of Spring in mass market. If you want to read it, you'll have to get it in hardback from Tor or support my new publishers at Orbit by getting their omnibus edition Seasons of War. Please tell your friends and relations and help get the word out.

2) MLN Hanover

Better news here. Unclean Spirits and Darker Angels have both gone back for second printings in mass market. Thank you, Pocket Books and my illustrious and brilliant editor, Jennifer Heddle. The third book -- Vicious Grace -- is in production now, and I'm working on the fourth -- Killing Rites -- with a November deadline. And yes, Midian is coming back.

3) The Hard Call

We've seen the color proofs of issue 6, and I've just gotten the proofs of the cover. The project still lives, and the final issue should be out soon, followed by the collected graphic novel.

4) Other comic book news

I can't tell you about it. They'd have to kill me.

5) Who the **** is James S. A. Corey?

Sounds interesting, dunnit?

6) The Dagger and the Coin

The first draft of The Dragon's Path is complete and has been turned in to Darren and DongWon at Orbit. They're looking it over, and I should have the revisions done shortly. It'll be out around this time next year. The first reader reactions have thus far been decent, and will, I suspect, only get better.

7) Leviathan Wept and Other Stories

It's out. You can buy it. (And while you're there, there's also a new Ted Chiang novella.)

8) The Best Short Story I've Ever Written

Okay, in my opinion. You may disagree. Anyway, it's called "Hurt Me", it's under the MLN Hanover pseudonym, and it's in an anthology due out in November.

So I think that's the big stuff. How've you been doing?

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That all sounds lovely (except of course the lack of mass market price of spring--but then, I already bought it in hardcover). Yowza on Midian! Can hardly wait.

1) Boo to Tor. I am annoyed by their decision in this, so much so that I'm going to be buying the omnibus.

2) Have not yet had a chance to read these, I'm ashamed to admit, but I do plan to!

3) Huzzah!

4) Skin Trade, Skin Trade, Skin Trade ... and maybe a bit of Doorways? *ducks*(You should have mentioned that your comic book adaption of Fevre Dream had the second issue published two days ago. I linked to a preview here.)

5) Jimmy Corey? Wasn't that the guy who played Parker Lewis? Awesome! ;)

6) I am especially looking forward to this one.

7-8) Very cool. New Ted Chiang is also very cool... and printed in two colors throughout? Huh.

4) Skin Trade, Skin Trade, Skin Trade ... and maybe a bit of Doorways? *ducks*(You should have mentioned that your comic book adaption of Fevre Dream had the second issue published two days ago. I linked to a preview here.)

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Does that Corey bloke have a (pending) US publisher? or should we all be planning to import the British edition? Looking forward to all of it.

Susan Loyal

The way I heard it, Orbit is publishing his stuff on both sides of the pond at about the same time. Oddly, right around the time they're releasing Dragon's Path.

Smart ass.

But in a *good* way.


Dude. You are a writin' fool! Srsly.

or support my new publishers at Orbit by getting their omnibus edition Seasons of War

What? What?! Why did no one tell me about this?! *glares at the Orbit publicity people* When is that coming out? Or is it out already?

It is out even as we speak.

Hm. I suppose it's too early to start holiday gift-shopping.

Dunno. It's not like it'll spoil if you leave it on the shelf too long, right?

I sure hope not, or I'm in big trouble. *looks around nervously at the overflowing bookshelves*

Words can not express how grumpy I am over the lack of a MMPB of The Price of Spring to match the rest of the set. Also, it makes no sense.

I shall send them a stiff note. Not that they'll take any notice, but I shall. I love those books so much.

If I buy the Orbit edition, that will mean I have three copies of An Autumn War -- hardback, mmpb, and in the omnibus. But since I have The Price of Spring in a stupid ARC because I couldn't wait another minute to find out what happened, I suppose I shall just have to.

And it's not as if I could give somebody just An Autumn War.

Actually, if I buy both volumes of the Orbit edition when I'm in Britain, I could give somebody the Tor MMPBs of the first three. This doesn't make it much less annoying, but at least it does mean that the very beginning of my bookshelves will not be messed up forever.

I recommend that everybody does this.

But Will they ship it

I love your short stories and can't wait to read Leviathan Wept. I pre-ordered it and it's still not here. I also have four friends who can sing the same song. Subterranean isn't telling me much at all in terms of giving a functional answer to my emails.

I'm sure it will be amazing whenever I get it.

Re: But Will they ship it

The update I got from Amazon last week:

Daniel Abraham "Leviathan Wept and Other Stories"
Estimated arrival date: July 22 2010 - September 30 2010


I've been wondering when you'd post something here! Thanks for the updates! :)

But I have to ask: Is that James S. A. Corey going to be available at all in the US?

I believe Jimmy Corey has the same basic distribution gig that I have on the fantasy series: US & UK publication pretty close to simultaneous through Orbit on both sides of the pond.

Excellent...I'll just keep an eye out over here and on your Facebook for any and all details. :)

And sorry, I didn't realize until after I posted my comment that you'd already answered this question. :)

Though I didn't see this question: have you gotten the cover art yet for book three of Hanover?

Have, as a matter of fact. Redish palette, shotgun, and the Black Sun symbol in the background.

Jimmy Corey, I hate that guy.

I've never left a comment before, but I have to say I'm seriously ripped off by Tor's decision. Daniel, you are the best new author to come along in many years. I was taking my time on this series, waiting for the last paperback to come out before I finished... Not cool.

Also, is it true that you have a project in the works that was influenced by Parks' Medici Money? I love that book, so I'm hoping that rumor is true.

I have it on good authority that there will eventually be a Tor trade paperback of The Price of Spring.

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